[LOOK] Smoking kills you… and your wallet

If showing people rotten body parts, limb amputations and other gruesome illnesses can’t persuade more Filipinos to quit smoking, maybe burning money can sway them to kick the habit.

HealthJustice Philippines and the Pasig City local government recently started an advocacy campaign called Sunog-Baga (roughly translates to burning lungs), which includes murals featuring ordinary folk lighting up money rolled into cigarettes.

“Yes, money. That's what you burn when you light up a cigarette. It's true. Hence the line "Hindi lang baga ang sinusunog mo" (It’s not just your lungs you’re burning),” Third Domingo, CEO of IXM shared with Marketing.

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Posted in health centers, barangay halls, and basketball courts, the initiative is an attempt to level the playing field with tobacco companies in the advertising front. The campaign is part of HealthJustice's ongoing Time’s Up Tobacco project, which seeks to stop companies from interfering with ongoing reforms to curb smoking.

“Sure, there really seems to be no sure fire way to deter people from the habit, especially with counter-attacks from tobacco companies. Hopefully, with these murals, Filipinos particularly the poor will realize that smoking is a waste of time, lungs, and in fact, money," Domingo adds.



Participating barangays in Pasig City: Pineda, Bagong Ilog.

Photographer: Ben Chan of Blacksheep Photography

Creatives: Third Domingo, Vincent Bud-oy, Jedd Ilagan, Jeremy Yap, Renzo Valmonte

HealthJustice via Kim Panuncialman