WATCH Scrabble spells romance in anagrams

In a bid to promote Mattel’s classic board game Scrabble, Spain-based creative agency Lola Madrid has created a quirky video spot, reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film.

The ad spells out - quite literally - a charming love story between protagonists Agostina and Santiago through the magic of Scrabble in the form of anagrams and clever wordplays:  She’s a “cab driver” while he’s a “cab diver”; she buys a “stunning bra” for fun, he takes up “burning ants” as a hobby.

As they go through the motions of their lives in “Tokyo” and “Kyoto” in millennial-friendly snapshots that look suspiciously VSCO-filtered, they ultimately meet at a party in true geeky glory and lock eyes in their fashion best: She is dressed as an “apple pie” and he’s in a “pineapple” costume.


“The idea of using anagrams was a way to salute the intelligence of avid Scrabble players, but by using a love story, the spot became universal,"  Lola executive creative director Pancho Cassis told Adweek.

Cassis explained that the communication was aimed at expanding Scrabble’s audience, “specifically younger players and non-players who spend a lot of time online but are seeking out offline experiences."

Through its fascinating wordplay, Cassis said the message of the ad "is to convey that words are magical and powerful, and that they connect us with people."

While hurting innocent insects to nurse one’s heartache is not recommended, this mini celluloid gem is sure to charm the hearts and minds of millennials, simultaneously inspiring knowledge of the lexicon.