LOOK Scoot shines the spotlight on neglected fathers

Scoot has released a new spot which details the feelings of neglect that some fathers feel on Father’s Day, a holiday which does not draw as much buzz compared to Mother’s Day.

Most of the fathers in the spot lament not receiving anything meaningful on Father’s Day, otherwise receiving gifts which are less thoughtful from the same “I Love Dad” mug from last year to an insincere text message lazily wishing “HAPPY F DAY!”

One dad even received a spanner with a note not only wishing them a happy Father’s Day but also reminding him to fix the air conditioning. Finally one dad got a seemingly sweet gift from his children, a watch with a picture of the family – only to have his head in the portrait cut off.

Scoot gifted the disgruntled fathers’ tickets to a holiday destination as a sign of appreciation for their efforts.

One excited father called his daughter to tell her the good news, only to have her say “Mum and I have always wanted to go to Osaka”.

Check out the funny spot here: