LOOK SG Civil Defence Force's wicked sense of humour

Seems like the Singapore Civil Defence Force has a wicked sense of humor.

A recent exchange between SCDF and popular troll site SGAG has gone viral after SCDF decided to follow the SGAG on its Twitter account.

SGAG then tweeted: 'The @SCDF just followed SGAG on Twitter. Well, umm, thank you? I'll call u when my cat gets stuck on the tree?'

This was met with a response by SCDF saying: “Cats are too adorable. You know our number @SGAG_SG: #995”

SCDF then compiled the conversation posting on its Facebook page with the caption:

"When Singapore finest rescuers meets Singapore finest trolls, 'hilarity ensues'... all done in good sport. Hope you guys enjoy reading the conversation!"

SCDF could not get back with a response at the time of writing.

Click below to see the hilarious exchange:

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This is not the first brand to try and leverage off of SGAG’s social media following. Budget airline Scoot is also often seen interacting with the site.

Good one, SCDF!