LOOK Ronda Rousey shuts down the idea of perfection

As part of its "Be More Human" campaign, Reebok released a spot featuring famed mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey called #PerfectNever. It celebrates the perfection of imperfection to inspire self-betterment.

The poignant video captures Rousey transitioning from a photo studio to her training grounds as she removes her fake eyelashes, hair extensions and lipstick.

She comments on the idea of perfection. The video ends with Rousey concluding that she rejects the idea of perfection and is fine being the way she is. She said:

“Perfect never gets truly tested. Perfect never gets to silence its critics. Perfect never gets a shot at redemption.”

According to a press statement by Reebok, despite being under the spotlight of a global audience, Rousey continues to reject the idea of being perfect and is an unapologetic example of the women who are defying public pressure and expectations.

Since its launch two days ago, the video has already garnered 6.4 million views on Rousey’s Facebook page, 191,000 Facebook reactions and 7,800 comments.

Watch it here: