[LOOK] Microsoft hawks anti-Google products

Just in time for Christmas, Microsoft has released several anti-Google products ranging from hats to T-shirts to mugs. These products poke fun of Google collecting personal data about its users and Google’s privacy policies.

A shirt with "Scroogled" printed on the front includes a clutter of words around it with negative-sounding terms such as scammed, conned, gossiped, duped and others. Other products carry the Chrome (Google's popular web browser) logo.

However, while the “Keep calm while we steal your data” mug and t-shirt featuring the Chrome logo have already sold out along with the “I’m watching you” t-shirt, some of the other t-shirts, hats and hoodies are still up for grabs.

Here are some of the products Microsoft is selling on its US site:

[gallery link="file" ids="27970,27971,27972,27975,27974,27973,27976,27979,27980"]

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed its new range, telling Marketing that this followed the launch of Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign website where it was holding a petition for Google to stop violating their privacy.

“These people are concerned about the way Google treats them and their privacy, and want to express themselves and their concerns about Google. The Scroogled shirts and mugs that are sold on the Scroogle online store are a fun way for them to do that,” said the spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Google has issued a formal response to several publications such as TechCrunch and L.A. Times: “Microsoft’s latest venture comes as no surprise; competition in the wearables (referring to the Google Glass) space really is heating up.”