LOOK Mediacorp takes a jab at local ad industry star Pat Law and Goodstuph

Mediacorp took a jab at one of the most well known and outspoken folks in the local advertising industry, Pat Law.

In its latest Noose episode, it featured a local ad agency owner “Cat Paw” of Goodfluff, talking about social media marketing and rebranding. The spot also showcased one of Cat’s clients, a money laundering tycoon named Mr Kwek, and showed how Cat was helping him reach out to the Millennials via an online web series called “Keeping up with The Kweks #kwekbucks”.

Fast forward to the 12-minute mark to check out "Cat Paw".

The episode of Noose also took self deprecating jabs at its own broadcast platform.

In a statement to Marketing, Law said:

To be parodied on the Emmy-nominated news satire show is most flattering. Admittedly, when I first got wind of news about the spoof, I was sh*tting in my pants. 'Oh god who did I offend this time? Did I piss a scriptwriter off?', I thought. The Noose has been very kind, and I am most honoured.

Marketing has also reached out to Mediacorp for a statement.

But as author Oscar Wilde once said," Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”