LOOK McD’s (finally) takes a jab at BK

McDonald’s has long been at the receiving end of BK’s jabs. From BK tweeting about the exit of CEO Don Thompson to locally in Singapore, when McDonald’s Singapore found itself in hot water after launching a Satay Burger and BK responded by creating its own improved Satay Burger.

McD’s silently took it all. But finally, the fast food giant has taken a stand against “the king” with the help of TBWAParis.

In France, McD’s is known to dominate the drive through space. Playing up on this, McD’s decided to launch a campaign attacking BK in the “nicest” way possible – by creating a giant billboard directing customers to BK outlets.

Putting up two signs side by side, McD’s gave the option to customers which fast food chain they’d rather head to.

Take a look:

Brilliantly done, we say.

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