LOOK McCann Erickson Japan's AI creative director creates its first ad

Remember McCann Erickson Japan’s artificial intelligence (AI) creative director AI-CD β?

Well AI-CD β has completed his first assignment for Clorets Mint Tab (Clo-Tab), a tablet-type, mint candy sold by the confectionery-maker Mondelez Japan.

AI-CD β was given the task of coming up with creative direction that would communicate the product’s benefit described as “refreshes mouth immediately with one tablet and long-lasting refreshment that lasts for 10 minutes.”

A commercial was created as part of an ad campaign that pitted a human creative director against an A.I. to see who could produce the better commercial. The human creative director chosen for this project was Mitsuru Kuramoto, a much sought-after TV writer that has also been the brain behind numerous successful ads. A nationwide poll hosted by Clorets Mint Tab will decide which creator’s ad more effectively communicates the product’s benefit.



Shun Matsuzaka, a creative planner that led the development of AI-CD ß, said: “The strength of AI-CD ß is that it is free of bias or habits in the way of thinking that can limit human creators. This allows it to come up with creative direction that humans would never think of. For this project, we produced a commercial that faithfully carried out AI-CD ß’s creative direction.”

Executive creative director and head of McCann’s creative department, Isamu Nakamura said: “As a creative director myself, I have mixed feelings about this. But I am very excited to see how the public receives a commercial creatively directed by A.I. and how the battle between human and A.I. will turn out.”

Viewers of the commercial are invited to visit Clorets’ “Sukkiri” Research Institute online to vote on which commercial best communicated the intended message. Which commercial was made by whom will be kept hidden until the end of voting, which will last until August 28, 2016. Results will be announced at the end of August.