LOOK Kose’s interactive digital photo campaign

Kose Singapore recently launched a digital campaign ‘Wake Up Beautiful’ which introduces its new Herbal Gel product by asking users to upload their customised portraits.

The campaign was created by Hakuhodo Asia.

Inspired by rising stress-relief activities such as the adult-colouring book craze, the campaign especially tailored to young women of the mobile generation.

The microsite allows online users to upload a portrait image, furnished with a decorative frame. They are given the option to colour in or submit it in black-and-white, for a chance to win prizes.

Check out the pictures from the campaign:

[gallery link="file" ids="136508,136507,136506,136505"]

Users are also encouraged to go in-store to pick up pre-registered samples and are directed to visit the main KOSÉ page for more details, product reviews and beauty tips and tricks.

“Taking inspiration from Art Nouveau-styled panels that often depict women beautifully, as well as the current adult coloring trend, we’ve created a fun, user-engaged photo-booth that stars each user in their own ‘Wake Up Beautiful’ portrait,” Dana Goh, marketing manager Kose Singapore, said.

"It's more than just about providing digital experiences that users enjoy, or a catchy tagline paired with a beautiful visual. In this case, we weren't trying to change the world, just merely to engage with those in it – but also in a way that helps to organically drive the brand's agenda across,” Daphne Boey, manager of digital and social of Hakuhodo Communications Asia, said.