Beauty brand gets women to "save the moment"

JWT Bangkok’s new interactive campaign for Thai beauty brand Oriental Princess (OP) encourages Thai women to “save the moment” in their relationships.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging Thai women to examine their own relationship style and get them talking about “Moment,” OP’s new limited edition makeup, scent and skincare line.

The campaign is shown in the form of a 30 second TV trailer which shows a couple on the brink of divorce. The video then invites viewers to go online to participate in their story.  The interactive online film allows Thai women to choose the direction the story takes at several critical junctures faced by the couple,  letting them “save the moment” and direct the story toward a happy ending - or not, resulting in the relationship’s demise. The film also allows audiences to view both sides of the couple’s story in each chapter, encouraging them to look at each point of conflict from another perspective. The situations are intended to be relatable day to day moments. Every decision made by the viewer affects how the relationship develops or ends.

“It’s not always the big things that kill a relationship; it’s how we react to each other on daily basis.  Our relationships grow when we learn to save the moment when things get tense – and to truly cherish the happy moments we have. By kick starting a conversation on this important issue, the Oriental Princess brand is placing itself at the heart of its consumers’ lives,” Satit Jantawiwat, ECD of JWT Bangkok said.

The campaign is part of OP’s drive to turn its Oriental Princess Society loyalty club into a community of women who can inspire each other to define themselves on their own terms and encourage their collective life journeys.

As part of the “Save the Moment” campaign, JWT created a space on their website for women to share their own stories, with a “make the moment” social media tool created to help save and share the moments they cherish with partners and friends.

“Oriental Princess is committed to helping women find happiness, be who they want to be, and live their lives to the fullest. This campaign makes it entertaining and engaging for women to examine their own approach to relationships and to share their own experiences.   It’s a journey that everyone can relate to, and OP wants to support our members, every step of the way,” Apaiporn Srisook, marketing director at O.P Natural Products Co. said.

The online films drew over 282,000 views on Youtube in the first two weeks of the campaign.  The TVC, which first aired on 18 September, will run until the end of October.  Picture3 Picture1