LOOK Need a copywriter for free?

Need a copywriter for free?

One savvy traveling copywriter, Mark van der Heijden, calling himself “The Backpacker Intern” is making a pitch to agencies, brands and charities to hire him for an internship anywhere that will provide him with a bed and nourishment.

“I’m going to travel the world as: The Backpacker Intern. Helping out agencies, brands and charities,” he says.

“But I don’t want to get paid. I just want to trade: a day of my work, for food and a place to sleep.”

Here’s his video:

According to his blog, Heijden writes that he has already accepted internships with Amnesty International Thailand, followed by McCann Worldgroup Bangkok. He's also placed a portfolio of his past work on his blog.

“I’m getting a lot of responses from all over the world: Beijing, Dubai, India, Stockholm, Dublin and so on. And that’s just awesome! Thanks everybody and hopefully see you soon,” he added.  According to Adweek, he's already received 30 job offers.

Whether you like his work or not, his approach to job hunting and traveling is surely worth noting. Idea for your globe-trotting ambitions perhaps?