LOOK Here's one way to becoming a CEO instantly

Ever dreamt of being an instant CEO without all those years of hard work? Well now you can.

This month, Skyscanner is celebrating a milestone as 40 million people around the world now use the global travel search engine every month. The travel search engine will allow consumers to run the show.

According to the company, while the success is a result of collaboration by a skilled team of 600 staff, it would not have been possible without the initial vision and tenacity of founder and CEO Gareth Williams (pictured). So as to reward” him, Skyscanner is forcing Williams to take a well-earned break and is now recruiting for a replacement to run the company for the day.

The (very) temporary CEO will tour the Edinburgh head office, meeting the various teams. But its not all fun and laughter as the new temporary CEO will be expected to cover a range of key duties, including providing insight into Skyscanner’s flights, hotels and car hire products;testing changes to the site and apps; being interviewed by media and reviewing the company strategy.

He will also be allowed to in his spare time, draw weird doodles.

Skyscanner spokesperson Mary Porter said: “At Skyscanner, we always say that our customers are at the heart of our business and this is our chance to prove it by bringing in one of them to take over as boss, providing us with the ultimate in user feedback. It’s a very exciting opportunity.”

The job is open to anyone who is eligible to work in the UK, regardless of experience – the only pre-requisite being a passion for travel. The successful applicant will also be rewarded with a pay cheque for £2,500 for their day’s work.