Helmet bag seller turns heads with creative "parking summon" ad flyer

An advertisement flyer for motorcycle helmet bags, designed as a parking ticket, has been making its rounds near the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar. The "parking summons" belonged to Get Hilikus.sg.

In a Facebook post on 2 June 2017, user EllyaSya Mi AMor detailed her experience, saying she had parked at the side of the road "like everyone else" to grab breakfast as the carpark was fully occupied. Upon her return, she thought she was issued a fine, only to realise it was an advertisement after reading carefully.

Get Hilikus.sg's marketing stunt was well-received by netizens, with some commenting that the fine, or better known locally as the "saman" was done "in style". Others commented that that brand had "good ideas" and "good strategy".

In a statement to Marketing, Get Hilikus.sg said, "We did not mimic and were not inspired by anyone. It was an original idea designed and executed by the boss in 2014."

However, as creative as the stunt might be, it isn't the first time an advertisement of similar nature has been circulating. Earlier this year, Volkswagen Singapore placed advertisement flyers in the form of "parking summons" on the windshields of Volkswagen cars, inviting car owners to celebrate its 10th anniversary at its service centre.

The campaign was to promote a showroom event, with a special promotion for Volkswagen owners on the weekend of 1-2 Apr 2017. The stunt was done in collaboration with SGAG. Meanwhile, it also works with Tribal DDB locally.


Wah nearly had heart attack when I saw the ‘summon paper’ on my windscreen! #sp

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When asked what it thought of the stunt, Volkswagen Singapore declined to comment.

So, who do you think did it first? And as the brand aptly put on its Facebook page, who do you think did it better?