LOOK Elizabeth Arden creates giant perfume bottles along Orchard Road

Elizabeth Arden, the cosmetics brand has launched a fragrant new OOH campaign along the streets of Orchard to celebrate the launch of ‘I am Juicy Couture’, the new pillar for the Juicy Couture fragrance which coincidentally turns 10 this year. The campaign aims to reinforce the prestige positioning of the brand and target women ages 18 to 34.

In hopes to attract, interact and encourage consumers to try out the product on the spot, MediaCorp’s OOH Media installed two creative builds which are located at the bus shelters outside Heeren Orchard and Fullerton hotel. These creative builds take the form of a life-sized perfume bottle in the six-sheet advertisement space and an actual bottle of the ‘I am Juicy Couture’ is also placed inside the acrylic case.

With motion sensors, the public can try out the product on the spot when they place their hand or palm inside the acrylic case. This immersive initiative provides the public with a first-hand experience with the juicy couture fragrance, taking product sampling out into the streets.

QR Codes are incorporated as part of the creative build for people to download e-coupons where they will then be directed to participating retailers nearby to redeem a sample perfume vial, all in efforts to drive traffic to point of sale.

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“With the interactive elements present in the campaign, consumers can now experience the product first-hand without having to be physically in the store. They are able to absorb and feel the advertisement using their five senses and this is something OOH Media can deliver with our outdoor media platforms,” Henry Goh, the head of OOH Media said.

The campaign runs until October 2015 and was created in house by Elizabeth Arden’s creative team. The media agency behind the campaign is PHD. The campaign’s production cost is approximately between SG$15k to $20k for the two creative builds.