LOOK Enough of mobile, says one eatery

The Manhattan Fish Market has launched a campaign to promote family values and friendship amongst its customers this Lunar New Year. Its ‘Unplug’ initiative encourages diners to ‘unplug’ while dining by placing all their mobile phones in a specially designed ‘Unplug’ box.

The box will then be closed and placed on the table as a commitment to disconnect. At any point in time when guests are dining, they are free to open the box to retrieve and use their electronic devices. However, at the end of the meal, if the box is found to be unopened, The Manhattan Fish Market will reward all guests at the table with a SG$5 return dining voucher.

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This was done along with a video to drive home the importance of the need to disconnect from electronic devices in order to re-connect with one another:


This initiative will take place until 16 February 2014. The box was designed by a Malaysian-based agency - Paxgon Communications and the The Manhattan Fish Market invested about SG$10,000 to create this video and the 'Unplug' boxes.

The Manhattan Fish Market also added that the campaign may eventually be used in the oother markets including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka; and in up & coming markets in Myanmar, India and China.

CEO of The Manhattan Fish Market, Davy Wee said:

"As wonderful as smart phones and tablets are for keeping in touch with the world, they are a bane to conversations at the dining table. Invariably, someone will whip out their mobile phone instead of communicating with others […] Chinese New Year is a significant celebration for family members to come together and we hope that our Unplug campaign will remind everyone to spend these precious moments re-connecting with their families."