WATCH Durex uses smartphones to promote better sex life

Can your phone help you spice things up in bed? Durex thinks it can.

Promising to reveal high-tech capabilities with the intention of taking lovemaking to new heights, Durex interviewed a diverse range of sexcited couples eager to find out what their mobile habits were like in bedroom and how it has impacted their sex lives.

The brand decided to first spark consumer interest on 4 March by teasing an imminent technology breakthrough in partnership with Siren Mobile to improve people's sex lives around the world. Consumers from around the world visited the 'Durexlabs' website to find out more and subscribe to be beta testers of this technology.

Watch the campaign below:

Since the launch of its #Connect campaign on 11 March 2015, the video has already garnered more than 21 million views.

Here's what some consumers are saying about the campaign:

In a press statement, Ukonwa Ojo head of global brand equity at Durex said with technology playing such a pivotal role in personal lives and relationships, the brand set out to explore how it could be utilised in a positive way to enhance sex lives.

"In doing so we discovered the most effective answer was the simplest. After consulting countless experts academic research and endless qualitative interviews the solution turned out to be a simple one – we should disconnect to reconnect. We hope it will help to reconnect couples that have let technology compromise their connection with each other."

Susie Lee the app entrepreneur and CEO of Siren Mobile states "Of course technology can never really replace human interaction. True chemistry comes from intimacy. So while we need technology – it has enhanced our lives enabling us to reconnect with old friends reach wider social groups and meet new people – we need to recognize the times and places that social networking doesn't enrich our experience. We really need to learn to focus on each other in the bedroom rather than on our smartphones or tablets."