Discuss brings HK's hottest topics to life

Could forums be making a come back against omnipresent social media platforms? Home grown discuss.com thinks so, believing the ability to create profiles away from their Facebook or Weibo accounts and therefore away from the prying eyes of their networks, often including the boss, is the attraction.

The platform has just launched a campaign, with a significant investment across TV, print, out-of-home and digital, to encourage consumers to use discuss.com.

The campaign sees discuss.com team up with a local illustrator to bring to life Hong Kong's hottest discussion topics.

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“With the rise of social media such as Facebook and other social networking service platforms... people linger and share daily on those sites rather than visiting forums,” said Alice Lee, general manager of Media Palette – the creative and media agency responsible for the campaign.

The campaign comprises 25 illustrations inspired by the hottest topics on the site. One includes a salesperson threatening to post the robber's photo on the forum rather than surrendering at gunpoint and a man cheering for a pending Typhoon 8 signal while sitting on the toilet for, obviously, the weather-related discussion boards.

QR codes have also been added to bus seat stickers and print ads to drive traffic to the site.

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Three of the TVC executions.

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