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If you’re a Malaysian, chances are you use phrases like “fuyoh”, “macha”, “terrernya”, often.

Coke latest campaign campaign “Chup! Cola-Cola. Refresh lah together gether” leverages on the local slang.

The campaign runs until October with the aim to connect with the Malaysian youths and to attract them to drink Coca-Cola.

It is touted as the first effort to localise the label on the packaging in the way it’s being done here compared to the Australian Share-A-Coke campaign.

The idea came about by developing can designs that are uniquely Malaysians to inspire the young Malaysians to share a Coca-Cola with their friends, and upload it on social media with #shareMYcokelah hashtag.

The result is a series of seven can designs hashtagged with some of the most local terms #macha, #lenglui, #fuyoh, #bestgiler, #syoknya and #terrernya.

Although the can designs are already available at local retailers, the official launch will only take place mid-next week.

Yvette Lim, group IMCA manager, Malaysia and Singapore, told A+M, the buzz started even as the cans were making their way into the market.

“We saw a lot of organic responses coming in as consumers started posting pictures on social media and talking about it. It struck a chord with the youngsters immediately. We’re excited that the brand is making waves in such a simple, insightful, relevant and in a totally refreshing manner,” added Lim.

For this campaign, the creative is managed by Geometry Global, media by MediaCom, social media by social@Ogilvy and PR by WestCoast Public Relations.

Kay Chin, creative group head – copy, Geometry said the brilliance of the idea comes down to a simple hashtag and not trying too hard to be cool.

“It’s the greatest “call-to-action” for young people all over the world,” added Chin.

The campaign will be promoted via TVC, print ads, social media, OOH and on-ground activation.

The best photo posted on social media will be featured on Coca-Cola’s digital billboards across Malaysia, which will be updated every week from 20 September onwards.

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