LOOK How this coffee machine makes you network

The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) recently unveiled The Coffee Connector, a machine designed to create connections by dispensing two cups of coffee at a time.

The machine was created through a collaboration between Singapore based The Secret Little Agency (TSLA), New York based StrawberryFrog and TellArt, a creative technology firm based out of Rhode Island, USA.

So here is how it works. The machine requires that two people work in tandem to request their coffee. Each watches as their introduction activates the dynamic experience, brewing their coffee and serving it in customised cups. Each user’s experience concludes with a new connection and a cup of delicious coffee to enjoy.

See the video here:


“The Coffee Connector’s visual appeal underscores its other technological purpose: generating new and meaningful connections between users who may otherwise have never met,” Hanyi Lee, chief creative officer at The Secret Little Agency  said.

The machine made its debut at The Big Rethink conference to an audience of C-Level executives, and was successful in connecting almost 250 of them. Spurred by this success, the machine will continue to accompany EDB to key events and conferences across North America throughout 2014 and 2015.

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Global Creative Officer: Hanyi Lee (TSLA)
North America Creative Officer: Kevin McKeon (StrawberryFrog)
Lead Production Officers: Nick Scappaticci (TellArt), Nicholas Ye (TSLA)
Executive Producers: Dickson Sim (TSLA), Seth Synder (TellArt)
Lead Creative Technologist: Justin Couch (TellArt)
Global Planning Director: Eunice Tan (TSLA)
Global Business Direction: Jose Kasijo (TSLA)
North America Business Direction: MJ Butler (StrawberryFrog)
Creative Director (Art): Hanyi Lee (TSLA), Mavis Neo (TSLA)
Creative Director (Copy): Ian Falcon (StrawberryFrog)
Lead Art Directors: Camille Del Rosario (TSLA), Zara Kok (TSLA)
Lead Copywriter: Wenen Tang (TSLA)
Lead Designer: Michelle Wan (TSLA)