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LOOK Choc this out

What’s better than knowing you have loyal consumers? It’s knowing you have consumers who are creative and who speak for your brand.

An image of a unique birthday message tastefully crafted using chocolates such as Snickers, Aero, Galaxy and Cadbury Dairy Milk has been circulating on social media, touching the hearts of many with its cleverly worded and witty message.

The birthday message was created by Alicia for her father. It reads :


Simple it may be, this inadvertently became great advertising and publicity for the brands involved.

“I think it’s wonderful! Chocolate is an emotional food but also a fun category. This is a lovely example of how people are connecting with the brands in a playful way. And of course it’s nice to see a few Cadbury products a part of it,” Ben Summons, marketing director of Kraft Foods Malaysia, told A+M.

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