LOOK Campaign budget woes? Get some cats

Looking to adopt a new furry feline friend? American organisation animal shelter Furkids has taken an infomercial approach to get its cats adopted. In doing so, it proves that low budget doesn’t mean low entertainment.

The video starts off by imploring viewers to consider cats over other types of “pets” such as fish or even potted plants. It even features a lady posing as a waving inflatable tube man, often found at used car dealerships while another male character posing as a quintessential salesman takes the scene.

The salesman then talks about how Furkids has the “finest selection of cats”, from cats which look like “midnight in a coffin” to the “sleepiest kitties you have ever seen”. The animal shelter even boasts that all their cats are “self-cleaning” and that “2016 models” are all “compatible with windows”.

If cats are not for you, the salesman suggested getting a “new thing called dogs”.

Watch it here:

This is not the first time a brand has found success with using cats to front their marketing campaigns, 2016 alone saw many brands such as South London’s Clapham Common tube station and German supermarket Netto Marken-Discount jumping on the bandwagon.

Locally, Singapore Tourism Board also using a cat named Didi to showcase the sites of Singapore through the perspective of a stray cat, a campaign which quickly garnered buzz online. Since its launch two weeks ago, the video has garnered 993,662 views, 31,143 likes and 180 comments on YouTube at the time of writing.

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