LOOK Burger King gets cheeky as McDonald's appoints new CEO

Burger King has shown its cheeky side once again with the latest news of Don Thompson, CEO of McDonald's leaving the company.

The fast food giant released this tweet yesterday:

This is by no means the first jab from Burger King at its rival. This spirit of good fun on social media has been embodied by the Burger King franchises globally.

In Singapore, when McDonald’s Singapore found itself in hot water after launching a Satay Burger which was met with criticism from customers, BK responded by creating its own improved Satay Burger, based on criticisms of McDonald's burgers.

The group then launched ads for a “Real Satay Burger”, touting “real chicken”, “real beef” and “real Satay sauce”.

Also the Norwegian arm of Burger King last year gave out free Big Mac’s in a bid to find out who its “true” fans were. This came as the brand saw that some of its fans were constantly writing negative comments on its Facebook page. Burger King decided to then create a page for fans who were truly loyal. Meanwhile, if you weren't a real fan and opted to take the free burger, you'd have to promise not to join the new page.

We say, kudos to you Burger King for thinking out of the box.