LOOK Are you stuck in a bad relationship with your telco?

Annoyed at monthly data busts from your mobile phone plan? According to Circles.Life's new spot, maybe "breaking up" with that plan may not be the worst idea.

Featuring customers of Circles.Life who are classified as “Super Users” of the telco, the spot shows four individuals talking about what seems like a personal break up experience, only to reveal later on that they were referring to their past mobile data contracts, which is inferred to be from competitor telcos.

All four individuals share that their current data plan allows them to have more than 10GB of data, with some going as high as 12.4GB of data which is implied to be higher than the average amount a regular user has in Singapore.

The video garnered 275,547 views, 882 reactions and 205 shares at the time of writing.

In a statement to Marketing, Megan Yulga, marketing manager at Circles.Life, explained that the Super Users were selected due to their high engagement on social media and sharing of personal referral codes. Although they were prompted, the users featured were not asked to say specific lines, in order to keep their answers honest and personal.

The campaign was created and managed in-house and produced by a production company called 90-Seconds. It was designed to be Facebook optimised, with individual focused videos expected to be rolled out in the next month.