LOOK Amazon pulls down OOH campaign carrying Nazi symbols

With so many ads out there, marketers often struggle to cut through the clutter.

One such brand which tried to grab consumer eyeballs and make a mark is Amazon. However, the ad by the e-commerce giant promoting its new TV series "The Man in the High Castle”  did not sit too well with with the public in New York City.The e-commerce giant came under immense fire for its controversial OOH subway ads because they featured seats displaying Nazi symbols.

Amazon has since pulled down the ads.

However, according to an article on Re/Code, the decision to take down the ads was not the choice of Amazon's but rather Governor of New York City, Andrew Cuomo.

Take a look. Did you find the ads offensive?

"The Man in the High Castle” is a TV series that depicts an alternate life should Germany and Japan have won the second World War. The show is created by Amazon Studios and can be streamed on the e-commerce site.

(Photo courtesy:Katherine Lam and )

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