LOOK Airbnb's Singapore den will take you around the world in minutes

Airbnb has recently unveiled its new Singapore office which provides a trip around the world in minutes. Check out the pics here:

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The unique three-storey space is where startup culture meets creative design, the company said.

Each room mirrors a real-life Airbnb accommodation around the globe, to showcase the vast diversity of destinations on offer through the community-driven platform.

All of this created by its own staff. As part of the Employee Design Experience programme, the staff not only selected the Airbnb listings, but were also actively involved in re-creating the room to exact likeness.

All three floors are outfitted with a kitchen, including a cafe in the middle floor where employees can gather for a casual coffee.

Julian Persaud, Asia-Pacific regional director of Airbnb, said: "Design is deeply embedded in Airbnb's culture. Two of our co-founders are designers, and an appreciation of the power of design is in everything we do. This is reflected in the unique layout of all Airbnb's global offices. At Airbnb Singapore, what started in a traditional shophouse has grown dynamically since into a HQ for what is now our fastets growing region."

At Airbnb we want to create the sense of travel when we welcome people into our office. Simply having photos of unique accommodation and far off places is not enough, we want our employees and guests to experience the feeling you get when you travel.

Local architecture practice, FARM, was commissioned to design the space, based both on their creative ideas, and their long-term engagement with the Singapore design community.