Loob Holdings launches Tealive after Chatime saga

Loob Holdings has launched Tealive. While Loob has 165 outlets, only 161 would be operated under the new brandname, said a spokesperson from the company. In a conversation with A+M, he said the entire process in not a rebrand but rather a "launch of a whole new brand".

A+M has asked for more comments from the company.

According to an article on The Star, the entire process cost the company less than RM 10 million and Loo has plans on increasing the outlets to 250 by 2018. The plan also includes expanding its customer base from 2.5 million a month to five million.

The company also plans to set up five Tealive outlets in Vietnam in the first year, and will subsequently expand to 20 in the second year. Loo, at a press conference, also said that the company plans to expand its operations at more petrol stations and light rail transit and mass rapid transit stations.

The move comes after a dispute with franchisor La Kaffa International where Loob Holding’s was asked to give up hold over the Chatime franchise.

Loo addressing the dispute between the company and La Kaffa International said that he was confident of winning back its customers. The agreement which was suppose to last till 2041 between the companies was dicontinued  due to disagreement on the business direction of Chatime in Malaysia.