Lock&Lock Indonesia partners Shopee to bolster sales

Lock&Lock Indonesia has partnered Shopee for its third annual Super Brand Day, allowing Lock&Lock to achieve a new online sales record since the partnership started, a statement added. The brand added that through the campaign, the total number of orders from Shopee's Super Brand Day event had also surpassed Lock&Lock’s six months e-commerce target.

The campaign also featured a collaboration between Lock&Lock and Danar Hadi, which saw the exclusive launch of Batik tumblers with Kawung motifs, and tumblers engraved with the buyer's name. Furthermore, the campaign saw Shopee offering promotions, including cashback up to IDR 100,000, free shipping up to IDR 70,000 and up to four flash sales a day.

During the Shopee's Super Brand Day partnership, Lock&Lock products were viewed over 335,000 times on its official store, with followers of Lock&Lock's official store increasing by around 14,000 since the start of the campaign.

"For this Super Brand Day, we are pleased to have supported Lock&Lock in achieving a new online sales record and look forward to helping even more brands extend their online reach via the platform," Christin Djuarto, director of Shopee Indonesia said.

"Previously, we stand as a brand which focused our market in offline sales from our official stores in Jabodetabek. Shopee has helped us to reach buyers across the nation, with Pematang Siantar being the furthest city we have sent our products to during Super Brand Day," Kim ll Hyeon, president director, Lock&Lock Indonesia said.