Local shoe brand PAZZION gets into the cafe business at Jewel Changi

Contemporary footwear brand PAZZION has opened a cafe at Jewel Changi Airport as a lifestyle extension to its footwear retail business. This comes as PAZZION aims to create a holistic shopping experience with "food for the soul, sole for the foot".

According a press statement, PAZZION's diversification into F&B took a year to materialise, and this was done in a continuous effort to enhance brand relevance and to distinguish itself in the footwear industry. Marketing has reached out to PAZZION for additional information on its marketing strategies for the new cafe.

Designed in monochromatic tones of black and white, the cafe looks to give off a modern chic and understated elegant vibe with a hint of nostalgia. The cafe includes a feature wall set with a shelving unit that displays a selection of vintage-looking props, such as a typewriter, telephone, and metal globe. Outside the cafe, there will be more seating allowing customers to capture the view of Jewel Changi's iconic Rain Vortex. Guests will be greeted with a neon blue sign that says, “Everything in moderation, except coffee and shoes” inside the store.

“We are delighted to embark on a new milestone in our business with the launch of PAZZION Café in Singapore, the first of its kind, to provide our customers with a much-needed cosy spot to rest their feet while enjoying our specially-curated menu of delectable eats as well as a good cup of coffee!,” Tom Ng, founder of PAZZION said.

Jewel Changi opened to the public last week and currently houses first-in-Singapore popular brands such as the Shake Shack, Pokémon and Swiss chocolatier Läderach. The line-up of retail offerings also include homegrown brands such as Tiger Beer, Naiise and Supermama, which will be introducing first-of-its-kind concepts for their stores in Jewel.

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