Dick Lee shares tales of his childhood in latest Cold Storage spot [VIDEO]

Still banking on the national day spirit, Cold Storage partnered up with local celebrity and arts veteran Dick Lee for a branding campaign. Dick Lee is the composer of Home, famed National Day song. The campaign was in conjunction with National Day.

Lee shared in the video tales of him growing up with the Cold Storage brand around his household and how it inspires him when cooking. This is part of Cold Storage’s effort to strengthen its brand positioning with the local audience.

The campaign has been rolled out via social media platforms, television and print. It also features Lee on Cold Storage’s print and point-of sales materials.

“We chose Dick Lee because he epitomises today’s typical Singaporean; well travelled yet with roots firmly planted at home. His new biopic, Wonderboy, about his life growing up in Singapore also enables our Cold Storage consumers to identify with him,” Hannah Hong, marketing director of Cold Storage, said.


“When I was young, going to Cold Storage was always an adventure and I would be fascinated by all the colourful tins and exotic foods. Even now, I still get lost amongst the aisles of food in Cold Storage, discovering new products from around the world especially, inspires me to create and improvise on recipes based on what I find,” Lee said.