Making the most out of Malaysia's rosy digital outlook [GALLERY]

The digital scene in Malaysia is set for major transformation. Driving that boost is the government itself, which has shown its clear intent to jolt the industry forward with the hiring of Jack Ma recently to act as its digital economy adviser. At the same time, Malaysian youth are starting to make their mark in the region’s crowded start-up scene, with their disruptive innovations.

The digital outlook is definitely looking rosy. But of course, problems persist.

Marketers need to remain nimble and fast-enough to adapt to the speed of change in order to remain relevant. Technology and science are improving to aid marketing but marketers must know how to use them effectively. Methodologies are changing but marketers need to calibrate their own formula that fits their objectives well.

And that is why we have brought back the conference once again for Malaysian audiences. We hope to help you avoid the thorns hidden amidst the rosy outlook. Follow the conversation with the hashtag #DMMalaysia.

Here's a quick snapshot of the two days.

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