Darren Chuckry Executive Director Uniplan Live Communication

Live Communication in the Digital Age

In today’s market, the physical and digital worlds are converging to create a new landscape for brand marketers.

More and more brands are utilising innovative digital marketing as part of their overall marketing scheme. What the market still lacks, however, is the personalised interactions and engagement between brands and their target audiences.

I am a firm believer that hands-on experiences using digital mediums and technologies can engage target consumers on a personal level, and convert them from passive audiences to active participants. Such an outcome can significantly enhance ROI for brands, as active participants are much more proactive in publicly identifying themselves with the brand, and invest significant time and resources towards it.

Undeniably, consumer engagement is one of the most defining factors of long-term success for any brand across industries. The potential impact digital tools can deliver to achieve this can be fully maximized through personalized interactions and engagement between brands and their target consumers.

Live Communication was born out of that realisation.

It means making brands accessible at an individual level, telling stories, sharing emotional moments and creating unforgettable experiences.

Uniplan, Gold Winner of Event Marketing Agency of the Year Award at Marketing Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards 2014, has been delivering impressive results to clients such as Audi, Maserati, Citibank, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Adidas through staging digitized Live Communication encounters.

Live Communication is a type of experiential marketing that is now increasingly recognized and implemented in the marketing landscape. It effectively harnesses the full potential of digital technologies in delivering powerful brand experiences to target consumers, and client-marketers are keen to capitalize on this.

More and more client-marketers are realising that while digital technologies help to further engage and activate the consumption potential in consumers, Live Communications is the ideal vehicle for delivering and amplifying that impact potential to a highly targeted audience. The use of multiple projectors, interactive technologies, multi-touch walls, iPhone applications, and LED installs, are just a handful of examples of the tools utilised to imprint brand experiences for the consumer.

Digital marketing and Live Communications work hand in hand to help marketers achieve the intended marketing outcome, and it is when both are implemented simultaneously that ROI is maximized for brands in the current Digital Age.

Darren Chuckry is executive director of client services at Uniplan.

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