LinkedIn adds 3 new marketing features to attract advertisers

LinkedIn has added three new features to its Campaign Manager advertising platform. These include brand awareness, website conversions and job applicants that are designed to improve key results and better align with campaign objectives.

With the new features, marketers will now be able to increase share-of-voice for their product or services through top of funnel campaigns that charge by impressions. The LinkedIn team has also built a tighter integration with its conversion tracking tool that allows campaigns to be created for specific actions on websites. These could vary from purchases, downloads to event registrations.

In addition, LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers can create ads using Campaign Manager to better drive applications on LinkedIn or their own site.

According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, there was a 67% lift in customer satisfaction compared to its initial Campaign Manager experience.

With the improved Campaign Manager, LinkedIn has also optimised its click pricing to align with customers' objective. If customers opt for website visits as an objective, they will only be charged for clicks that go to the landing page. Meanwhile, for social engagement campaigns, pricing will be optimised to include all social actions.

Last month, LinkedIn unveiled a new logo along with changes to its typography, colours, shapes and illustration, which all intend to convey the brand’s warmth, humanity and community. The new logo features only its trademark blue instead of three colours, which aims to give a simpler and modern finish.

The move comes months after the online networking platform rolled out a set of reactions on its platform, allowing users to communicate in more “expressive ways”. According to Cissy Chen, product manager at LinkedIn, users provided feedback on more ways to respond apart from a “Like” on a post. The platform now boasts reaction types such as “Celebrate”, "Love", "Insightful" and "Curious".

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)