Multi-cloud and security specialist Linkbynet expands to serve growing luxury e-comm market

International multi-cloud and security specialist Linkbynet is expanding to serve the fast-growing luxury e-commerce market.

Chinese customers have been longtime buyers of European luxury products, but with the pandemic, lockdowns and distancing measures have hampered efforts to purchase these products in-store, both for those who shop close to home and for those who prefer to go on shopping trips beyond their borders. As a result, a great deal of luxury shopping now happens in the e-commerce realm, where new concerns such as data privacy, data security, and infrastructure capability have become top of mind, both for brands and consumers.

With APAC offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Ho Chi Minh, the 20-year-old company aims to deliver its "global premium invisible infrastructure services" further to meet these concerns and the growing demand.

With a client list that includes some of the world's top luxury brands, Linkbynet's services are four-fold:

  • Cloud advisor: Advising and designing cloud strategy to assist brands with digital transformation
  • Cyber security: Ensuring digital assets are safe and scalable
  • Cloud transformer: Modernising client cloud projects
  • Cloud optimiser: Optimising infrastructure for performance, management, and efficiency

"It’s important that luxury brands maintain their reputation and sales by having in place a strategy that can handle this increasing user demand while at the same time protecting the users’ data from cyber attacks, especially during the upcoming festive season where they will experience a surge in sales," said Luc Moulin, CEO of Linkbynet Asian Office.

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