Lingerie brand gets TV time with model search

Riding on the fame of the world-renowned reality TV competition show America's Next Top Model, China's haute lingerie brand Aimer has partnered with The Travel Channel and IPCN to launch a Chinese version of the programme.

Aimer China's Next Top Model, hosted by Chinese model Sophia Kao and fashion icon Han Huo Huo, the 12-episodes programme is slate to premiere on 12 October 12 on The Travel Channel, following the format of the US.

"We have always been investing in creative industry," said Rongming Zhang, president of Aimer Group.

"The programme aims to enhance our trendy and stylish approach to go align with nowadays' China luxury shoppers' growing taste".

Zhang pointed out China-based brands is suffering from a trust gap from Hong Kong locals and business-insiders due to their prejudice against its mainland neighbor. This is what most of China-based companies who are tending to tap into Hong Kong are facing.

"To solve this, we will collaborate with local design institutions to learn Hong Kong people's preference and behaviour on lingerie so as to adjust our product to cater to local market," he added.

The programme will also be air on The Travel Channel's official website.

America's Next Top Model premiered in 2003, a China version also launched in 2008.