Lincoln infuses Chinese art into US luxury vehicles

In a country filled with vehicles, Lincoln and OgilvyOne Shanghai have joined forces to make a difference in the brand’s entrance into China’s luxury market with a touch of distinctive Chinese aesthetics.

Leading up to Lincoln’s launch of its MKZ mid-size sedan and MKC utility vehicle this week, OgilvyOne Shanghai’s team has created four online videos attaching a distinct Chinese perspective to the emblematic American brand.

Instead of pop or international stars, two beloved Chinese artists with extensive careers – pianist Li Quan and contemporary dance choreographer Huang Dou Dou – were enlisted as spokespersons.

While very different types of performers, both are known for melding time-honored art with their own refreshing creativity. This juxtaposition of history and modernity, imagination and fierce training makes Li Quan and Huang Dou Dou well matched to Lincoln’s own messages of craftsmanship and unique artistry.

Working with up-coming director Wang Yuxin, this series of films goes beyond the common to convey raw, artistic emotions inspired both by the artist’s personalities and the four cities in which the films were shot – Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao and Guangzhou.

“It was important to tell a story with the potential to connect to people emotionally, not simply another car commercial” says Darren Crawforth, executive creative director of OgilvyOne Shanghai.

“Each of the cities were essential to the character of each film and, when seen through the eyes of Li Quan and Huang Dou Dou, a commitment to design, elegance, quality and detail really comes to light.”

These films were originally released to coincide with Lincoln’s cross-country roadshow and are part of a wider digital campaign driving the Lincoln experience – including physical car showrooms where, in addition to being able to buy the MKZ and MKC, customers can recline on leather sofas in a lounge-like interior, sip tea and engage in unhurried contemplation.

“There isn’t a salesman waving around a clipboard looking for the hard sell,” Darren continues. “This is a heritage brand expressed with a sense of modern luxury, and buying a Lincoln is all about the experience of the journey. Our films are just a start to other exciting digital campaigns coming out this year.”





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Agency: OgilvyOne Shanghai
Executive creative director: Darren Crawforth.
Writers: Darren Crawforth, Stanley Tao, Eddie Li.
Director: Andrea Wang (Wang Yuxin)
Producer: Tina Zhuang
Production house: Steam Shanghai.
Agency producer: Eddie Li.
Account: Leon Yuan
Media agency: Mindshare