WWF asks locals to sacrifice for a brighter future

“I give up” is WWF Hong Kong's new theme for its annual lights-out event Earth Hour this year.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather, the theme aims to prompt Hong Kongers to consider what can be given up for a better tomorrow.

WWF has partnered independent agency AnswerMark to launch a 30-sec TV commercial this Thursday, hinging on the materialistic mindset among locals. The end of the spot will direct audiences to make environmental pledges on the Earth Hour website.

The spot will run until 29 March.  The event is slated for 8:30pm that day.

Last year, the movement wrapped up with more than 3,500 people signing up on Earth Hour’s Facebook page, marking a conversion rate of 16%, up from 3.6% the previous year. The most popular video from G.E.M. also recorded more than 27,000 views in three weeks.

This year the event will see two new faces coming on board as Earth Hour ambassadors including Leo Ku and Miriam Yeung, on top of its long standing partners Eason Chan and Kay Tse.

They will be dressed in customised T-shirts printed with vows of things they will give up in order to bring environmental sustainability. The images will appear on print, OOH and social media.

To further the campaign’s objective, ambassadors will also share tips on how to bring consumption down to sustainable levels on the event’s media partner channels including Weekend Weekly.

Starcom managed all the media buying duties while PR was managed by Media Power.