Life is like sushi

Following its success of the microfilm campaign last year, Genki Sushi has launched its latest branding campaign "Life is like sushi" featuring its first mascot named "雄一" (Yu-Kun) with promotion across TVC, online and social media platforms.

The mini-film, produced by TURN once again, features the brand’s very first mascot in 21 years Yu-Kun. The story is about the surprises and excitement in people's everyday life, just like the unexpected surprises on the sushi belt.

With the projection of Yu-Kun’s everyday encounters and the tagline “Life is like sushi” in its TVC and social media platforms, Genki told Marketing it hopes to reinforce a stronger brand identity, such as it's a fun, energetic and positive brand when facing challenges in everyday life.

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Since the video published on its Facebook page last Thursday, it has garnered over 360,000 views in five days.

"Yu-kun will enable us to have closer emotional attachment to our target audience, and create more resonance about 'Life is like sushi' as he shares the same challenges and positive surprises with all of us," said Jodie Cheung, regional head of marketing of Genki Sushi Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Madbox Communications works on the PR and social media strategies for the brand.

There will be a series of promotional campaigns, including TVC, Genki Yu-Kun concept store in Mong Kok, thematic premiums and social media campaigns in a bid to deliver surprises to its customers from time to time.

"We target everyone who enjoys Japanese sushi, and those who aspire for fun and exciting lifestyle. Apart from TV, we also expect to outreach and interact with the target audience via social media campaigns across different platforms," said Cheung.