Life is like sushi? It is, according to Genki Sushi

Hong Kong's largest sushi chain Genki Sushi, with more than 200,000 loyal members and 61 outlets across the city, has launched a new brand campaign shot in Japan, with the key message of 'Enjoy Sushi, Enjoy Life' blended in. "There may be numerous challenges in life, there are surprises (as simple as having a nice sushi meal) that will cheer us up," the press release said.

The new TVC on J2 and ViuTV will be accompanied by in-store promotions such as thematic store decoration and new items in the Supreme series have been launched as well.

Apart from the brand campaign 2018, Genki Sushi is continuing the use of Yu-Kun the bear as the ambassador of the brand, and the bear has a few cameos in the video as well. See the video below:

With over 200,000 members, Genki Sushi is additionally taking a even more proactive approach by launching a series of CRM activities to engage its members, as well as an unique-in-market staff engagement program (i.e. Kitchen Fight) to foster brand loyalty and sense of ownership both externally and internally. For the first time in 23 years, Genki Sushi launched a series of “Genki Member Thankful Day” with exclusive offers to its members on the first Wednesday of every month. Since its launch, the Thankful Day has received "overwhelming response from the market and successfully driven great results in business and consumer engagement for the brand."