Libresse MY's latest campaign encourages women to user liners daily

Libresse Malaysia has launched a new campaign focusing on how its Libresse CurveFit pantyliners are made to fit women’s everyday moments.

BBDO Malaysia was tasked with finding a creative way to encourage women to user liners daily. Instead of going down the conventional route of “educating” consumers using experts and testimonials, BBDO chose to tap into real, everyday moments in women’s lives to trigger awareness. The agency produced three short clips, each focusing on everyday moments such as being out under the hot sun, packing for a trip and working out in the gym. Following the earlier Let’s Get Real campaign, these clips also carry the signature cheeky tone for a sense of continuity and stronger brand affinity.

The new campaign follows the success of its "Let’s Get Real" campaign in May this year. The cheeky campaign made fun of common themes used by companies promoting feminine hygiene products, such as sanitary napkins. It also addressed the frequent use of advertising tropes including tight white pants, happy scenes in a meadow and sleeping bed scenes in feminine hygiene commercials.

Check out the clips below:

“We’re still championing the message of Let’s Get Real. This time, by demonstrating everyday real situations women find themselves in, we show how Libresse CurveFit liners fit in these little moments to help ease our user’s day. We hope our audience finds the content as relatable as we do,” Verene Lee, senior brand manager of Libresse Malaysia, said.

The BBDO team, led by GM Farrah Harith-McPherson, includes executive creative director VJ Anand, creative director Lee Tak Shune, creative group head and art director Jules Yap, copywriter Niamh Spurr, senior art director Lila Talitha, account director Hugo Pacheco and account manager Khalida Kamaludin.