Libresse Malaysia banks on period euphemisms in funny new campaign

Libresse Malaysia has launched its latest campaign, “Period is Period” to fight against the perception of “periods” and “pads” being labelled a taboo. In line with Libresse’s global platform, “Let’s Get Real,” the campaign also aims to encourage parents who are shy to be more open with their kids about menstruation. It urges parents to start using the word “period,” and why it’s important for them to do so.

The month-long integrated campaign was launched on Libresse Facebook page and features three characters namely Bread, Bulan and Big Aunty. The characters who take turns to share content from videos, gifs and articles which often come with a funny twist. The three characters also shared educational articles to help parents to be more open with their daughters and sons about periods. This to prevent and avoid children from growing up and feeling shy about periods, which should be seen as somehting humanly natural.

The campaign also runs on radio, with assets being available on three different stations such as, Era and MY FM. On-ground appearances were also made by the campaign characters to reach out to parents, along with educational articles to assist parents in having honest conversations about periods with their children.

“Traditionally, the word ‘period’ in Malaysia has always been hush hush. But why should our girls hide behind period slang? Parents, let’s help our daughters to not be ashamed of their periods and use the real word from now on. Period is period. Let’s get real,” a Libresse statement said when the its first video launched in mid-December 2017.

Its latest ad posted on 5 January 2018, shows the campaign character Bread explaining that he did not “know how to absorb blood also, only jam” has gathered more than 260,000 views so far, with netizens praising the ad for being hilarious and meaningful. Check out the ad below:

This campaign comes after the brand launched its earlier one in November last year which encourages women to user liners daily. Libresse Malaysia first unveiled its successful “Let’s Get Real” campaign in May 2017 which made fun of common themes used by companies promoting feminine hygiene products such as sanitary napkins.


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