Libresse looks to educate men with 'Men-struation' campaign

Libresse's new campaign, "Men-struation", aims to reframe what periods are like in men’s minds to improve understanding between women and the men in their lives, creating a stronger affinity towards Libresse in their target audience.

Created in partnership with BBDO, the month-long integrated campaign was launched on the brand's Facebook page and features a character called the "Get Real Bro". He explains periods man to man, sharing educational content videos and tips with men, so they understand what period is like and how they can support them.

Fempro Vinda Marketing Malaysia's marketing manager, Verene Lee, said, "We believe that period is not a taboo topic, not just amongst women but to all. Using creative storytelling, we continue to drive awareness in normalizing periods and creating a more supportive environment for women.”

Check out the series of videos here: