Lianhe Zaobao gets a new look

SPH’s 93-year-old Lianhe Zaobao is revamping its look on both print and digital. The changes will roll out tomorrow as the paper looks to become more reader friendly.

The revamp took into account the feedback from existing readers and non-readers as the aim is not only to retain loyal readers, but also to build a new readership base. To drum up anticipation for the revamp, Zaobao has also launched a specially commissioned song titled "Rediscovery". ​

​With the revamp, Zaobao's newsroom has undergone a complete transformation and integration. To provide readers with more information, prime news pages will be increased from two to three pages. The back cover of section 1, which used to be Sports News, will now be International News. There will also be a "quick-read window" and more infographics to present news in a more attractive and easy-to-read manner. The font size of the article's body text will be increased and bigger pictures, infographics as well as more white spaces can be expected to make reading easier on the eyes. ​

The Zaobao app has also undergone a revamp to make it more user-friendly. There will be an all-new function in the Zaobao app. Users can click on the earphone symbol on the top right-hand corner of an article and it will be read aloud to them.

"This will allow readers who find it difficult to read Chinese to still access the vast world of information offered by Zaobao. In fact, this is a good way for readers to practice their Chinese," said Han Yong May, digital editor of Chinese Media Group and Associate Editor of Lianhe Zaobao.

To keep up with the trend of using mobile devices to go online, web pages will be adjusted to suit screens of different sizes for the convenience of readers. With the revamp, Zaobao All-in-One subscribers will also be able to access the full content of news stories scheduled for the next day at the earliest possible time, without having to wait for the print edition.

​"Many are under the impression that only subscribers can log in to In fact, our special content, breaking news and videos are all free. Of course, subscribers will continue to enjoy additional benefits, like in-depth news reports and analysis as well as the PDF version of Lianhe Zaobao," she added.

In addition, the recently announced partnership between SPH and StarHub also allows StarHub subscribers unlimited data usage when using the Zaobao app to read news stories or watch videos.

Goh Sin Teck, editor of Lianhe Zaobao, said: "In today’s fast moving world, Zaobao can no longer be just a newspaper. What we want to offer readers is a multi-platform experience that informs and engages our readers throughout the day, according to their lifestyle needs. This also means that we have to transcend the richness of our printed word to include more exciting pictures, layout, animation, videos and user interaction."