LG's big plans for Singapore consumers

LG Electronics has big plans this year to beef its brand in Singapore, and a key strategy will be through digital and PR efforts, Jay Yang, head of marketing, LG Electronics Singapore tells Marketing.

Also, while last year the brand was more concerned with retail and in-store marketing, this year the focus has shifted to more above the line means.

This is part of LG's aim to garner more brand awareness and to be number one in the market in each proto-segment it plays in this year.

But Yang said the brand would also be watching its marketing budgets with more caution. He said that because of current market conditions "a lot more attention is being paid as to how the money is spent as opposed to how much money is spent," adding that there was now more pressure to prove cost efficiencies in a "measurable and scientific manner."

In markets such as Korea, explained Yang, LG has maintained its image of being an "endearing" brand. However, this is not conveyed across all markets the brand has a presence in and certainly not yet as strongly iterated in Singapore, he added.

"For the next year we want to work on our brand value Change for Good and make sure it is communicated across all segments," Yang added.

He highlighted that when choosing to work with agencies, such as TSLA and SPRG who they recently appointed, the ideas and execution presented must be realistic in terms of execution, and be justifiable in terms of returns on investments.

Earlier in the month, LG Electronics also appointed boutique agency Techsailor as its local digital agency of record.