How LG markets its events

Jay Yang (pictured), head of marketing, LG Electronics Singapore says that positioning LG as an innovative brand and increasing brand awareness is at the heart of all its events.

Yang highlighted that LG's main objectives are to create brand value when hosting an event in the form of product launches, as the brand seeks to ensure that its products are portrayed in the right light.

Using the Optimus G media launch event as an example, LG sought to get innovative with the brand, centering the theme around "Change for Good" through the use of commercial TV displays as well as pocket printers with wifi functions.

As part of LG's plans to give higher allocation of its marketing mix to the digital medium, it also used online videos for the local market including five videos on the theme: Performance for Good, Camera for Good, Design for Good.

There were two other videos titled Change for Good which were running as TV spots on local and cable channels.

The brand also ensures that in any event that it organises, its products take centre stage.

To ensure a successful event, Yang highlighted three event strategies: "Be First", "Do it Right" and "Work Smart."

The first strategy centres on the use of innovation and being the first in the market to push forth products, while the second strategy ensures that the execution of an LG event from start to finish is well taken care of.

Having a contingency plan for all LG events is another way that the brand seeks to remain innovative.

Yang added that the brand will pilot all events on a small scale before branching out into a large scale event to gauge effectiveness, including using previous year's events as benchmark of the success of any LG event.

Yang shared that the size of the event agency is irrelevant when considering working with them because "it does not really matter as long as they are able to meet LG's objectives."

He highlighted that when choosing to work with event agencies, they must be creative in terms of ideas and execution, be realistic in terms of events execution, in tune with the consumers' needs, cost effective, as well as justifiable in terms of returns on investments.

While LG's marketing budget has more or less remained constant, the brand is watching its budget allocations for large scale events carefully due to the global economic recession.

Moving forward, Yang said that LG will seek to be the first in each product segment, as well as creating great brand value for consumer under its "Change for Good" motto.

The brand also strives to have more events to increase brand awareness.

Yang added that the marketing budget will focus on allocating more dollars on PR activities as well.