Lewis launches global analytics tool

Lewis, the global communications agency, has launched of Observa, its global analytics proposition. The suite of analytical capabilities furnish clients with tools to better understand, manage and optimise its marketing and communication programs.

Observa delivers insights on audience intelligence, brand reputation, media and influencer relations, digital footprint, pipeline analytics and market opportunities. Observa will support clients in refining, redesigning or reenergising its marketing communications.

Observa spans four key areas: market analysis, community health, business impact and market trends. Within these four categories, Observa launches with 12 analytics modules and Lewis plans to add more modules to Observa as the agency invests and enhances its analytics capabilities

As a result of the agency pulling all of its analytical capabilities into a single global proposition and clients will be able to harness Observa’s capabilities at scale and speed.

Giles Peddy, SVP, Lewis, explained: “Clients are turning to us everyday to help them better understand how they can optimise its marketing and deliver a tangible impact on its business. Across our global network we have a huge amount of analytical capability to support clients in these aims, but we needed to unlock its potential fully. That is what we have done with Observa. Clients will now be able to use our data smart approach to communications to take its campaigns to the next level.”