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Letv turns to social media to win locals’ hearts

Letv continues its aggressive plan to Hong Kong viewers with the launch of what it calls a “market-changing member plan”, offering a free TV box and access to programmes to local audiences.

By paying a deposit of HK$399, users can get six months access to the programmes on the Hong-Kong-exclusive Le TV Box (4K); the deposit is refundable if the box is returned during the six-month trial period. Users who decide to continue using the service will be entitled to another six months of access to Letv programmes.

Letv is also piloting a convenience store partnership that will bring the TV box to more than 1,300 retail locations in Hong Kong.

The launch is part of the entertainment portal’s strategic roadmap to be one of the top pay-TV stations in Hong Kong in two years. It follows Le Sports’ recent win of broadcast rights to the Premier League matches in Hong Kong.

Mok Chui-tin, chief executive of Letv Holdings Asia Pacific, said the broadcaster had long been committed to tap the Hong Kong market by offering advanced internet entertainment.

“The new Le TV Box (4K) is our answer to local viewers’ demand for ultra-high definition and on-demand programmes.”

Apart from producing its own programme series, the station has acquired a string of television programmes from around the world, such as popular TV series the House of Cards, Limitless, and The Affair, as well as trending concerts and 4K music programmes from Korea, in catering to local preferences.

But even with that, any company that aims for success in a new market will need the support of a well thought-out localisation strategy, especially for a Chinese corporation entering a market filled with anti-Mainland sentiments.

To court attention to the press conferences for the Premier League coverage and free subscription offer, Letv took to Facebook for a wave of content marketing in partnership with NewDiGi.Solutions.

Starting in July, a selection of football-related content was released on Facebook on a daily basis as hints for the announcements. In response to public criticism over the Chinese translation of footballers’ names in Mainland Chinese style, the company pushed out a series of visuals with one stating “梅西 (Lionel Messi)? we call him 美斯”, as part of its localisation effort.

Following that was a visually strong media invitation to the conference on 22 September that also circulated on the internet.

It wrapped up with a countdown campaign that comprised a set of 10 visuals that featured 11 football celebrities, football commentators, singers, and even Le Sports’ CEO Lei Zhenjian. It was launched 9 days before the press conference on 24 September, to keep up the soccer interest.

“Rarely have we seen a company run a teaser for press conference. This time, we’ve employed content marketing strategy on social media around two months ahead the press conferences to call attention to the events, as well as raising awareness of the brand,” Sunny Cheng, senior manager of digital marketing and strategic planning at Letv, told Marketing.

As a result, Letv’s Facebook page has increased by more than 30,000 likes with earned media value at more than one million.

“These content marketing activities on Facebook have demonstrated Letv’s dedication of providing localised content to cater to local palates,” added Justin Choy, director of digital and interactive brand strategy at NewDigi.Solutions.

“To get a foothold in the Hong Kong market, it’s important to talk to the locals in their own language in order to earn their trust and support.”

Client: Letv
Senior manager, digital marketing and strategic planning: Sunny Cheng
Senior social media specialist: Kevin Lin

Content creative partner: NewDigi.Solutions (New Media Group)
Director of digital and interactive brand strategy: Justin Choy
Deputy business director: Ken Chow
Account servicing: Elyse Cheung, Wilson Chu
Creative: Raymond Wong, Noel Wong, Kura Ku

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