LeEco unable to broadcast FA Cup final

In a Facebook post released last night, LeSports HK announced it is not live-broadcasting the Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Cup Final that will be played this Sunday at 00:30.

Since LeSports has acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights for FA Cup for the next three seasons, the cancellation means there will be no legitimate way to watch the game in Hong Kong.

The company, explaining the cancellation as "program adjustment", said it will compensate its users with a free three-month super sports pack service. This marks the second time a LeSports' program went off the air. Earlier this month, the company also cancelled the broadcast of a European Championship match between Spanish soccer giants Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid in mainland China.

The announcements increased concerns over the company's recent financial situation. Yesterday, LeEco announced that it will lay off 325 employees in the U.S., citing a lack of funding, and CEO Jia Yueting stepped down earlier this week.

"The capital we do have will have to be highly focused resulting in a significant restructuring and streamlining of our business, operations and workforce," it said in a statement. "Our goal is to continue to gain momentum. In the past few months, we have gained a large foothold in Chinese-speaking households in the U.S. by offering tailor-made products and content for this community. We believe this provides us an opportunity to build on our strengths and grow from there."