#LEAwards 2020 highlight: How Chek Hup and Wofollow pivoted to gain online loyalty

Since its establishment in Ipoh, Malaysia more than 50 years ago, Chek Hup has been known for its special brew of roasted coffee beans. In 2019, it relaunched the Chek Hup Classic as the drink of choice for those seeking a healthier alternative without sacrificing richness and taste. Despite being a well-known brand, Chek Hup knew that it had to adapt and evolve during these challenging times. Hence, together with content marketing agency Wofollow, the brand worked on the campaign "#10sForStayingAtHome", which saw Wofollow being named a finalist in the "Best Use of Contest/Promotion" category in MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's recently Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2020.


During the Movement Control Order (MCO) declared earlier this year in Malaysia, Chek Hup experienced a slowdown in sales as its retail stores were impacted. It was also fully aware that consumers had also shifted to online shopping during the MCO. As such, Wofollow was tasked by the brand to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive sales through online stores amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign was to target audiences were aged between 25 to 44 years old, and working adults and family-oriented audiences who were interested in healthy living. Additionally, the campaign was to leverage on Chek Hup's unique selling point of using natural rock sugar in its products, playing up the health factor of its drinks.


Chek Hup and Wofollow launched a month-long campaign titled "#10sForStayingAtHome", which had a similar pronunciation to "Thanks for staying at home" during MCO. Backed by various contests and promotions, the campaign encouraged more consumers to make purchases through the brand's official website during the pandemic.

According to Wofollow, the campaign was fully executed on Facebook and Instagram during the MCO, since consumers were spending most of their time on those platforms during the MCO. The agency also created a series of social media content with the campaign hashtag to drive reach and engage with the target audience. Wofollow ensured that its content was imaginative, fun, beneficial, creative, educational and sympathetic.


To ensure Chek Hup could reach consumers during the MCO, Wofollow incorporated eCommerce features into the brand's official website, allowing consumers to register for an account and make purchases directly from the brand. It also offered every newly registered user a RM 10 evoucher for use on the brand's website. These vouchers were given to the first 5,000 consumers who signed up so as to stimulate desire among consumers. According to Wofollow, the promotion strategy allowed the brand to collect consumer data, while rewarding consumers at the same time.

To spread word about the promotion, Wofollow also took to Chek Hup's Facebook and Instagram pages to shout out about it. At the same time, the agency also pushed out several engagement posts during the MCO to keep consumers entertained and engaged.

In addition to the promotion, Chek Hup and Wofollow also unveiled a drawing contest to raise awareness about the campaign. Consumers were required to draw and upload their entries on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #10sForStayingAtHome. Chek Hup also enticed consumers to join in the contest with the prospect of receiving a mystery gift.


The campaign was a success for Chek Hup, for the brand witnessed a five-digit increase in the number of new visitors during the month of April. It also saw an increase in the amount of visitors aged 25 to 44 years old. Meanwhile, sales on Chek Hup's website also peaked on 6 April, with all e-vouchers being fully redeemed five days after the promotion was launched.

On the social media front, Chek Hup and Wofollow also succeeded in driving visitors from social media to the brand's official website.