Lazada creates online tutorials, webinars and workshops for SMEs

Lazada has partnered with aspiring entrepreneurs and small-and-medium-sized companies (SMEs) to target approximately 560 million customers in Southeast Asia.

The partnership comes ahead of shopping event Online Revolution 2017, which is themed "Shop the Universe" and will run from 11 November to 12 December across the region. This is in a bid to help more businesses go digital and boost their online presence so they can expand in the six Southeast Asian countries that Lazada operates in - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

To equip sellers with the technological knowledge of growing their businesses, Lazada has launched a suite of online tutorials, webinars and workshops to educate them about selling on Lazada and designing their online store front. Sellers will also master the use of data analytics to attract more consumers. The e-commerce company has also developed a network of service providers to support sellers on various aspects of their online selling operations.

According to the press statement, sellers will get the opportunity to be featured prominently on Lazada's homepage and app during the online shopping event, if they sign up and are able to generate sales in October. Lazada's group chief marketplace officer Aimone Ripa di Meana (pictured) said the company wants to create an ecosystem in which merchants can expand or start their companies online seamlessly.

"Not everyone is an expert in selling online and Lazada is committed to eliminating as many hurdles for aspiring entrepreneurs so that they can grow with us and serve the millions of customers. People see us as an e-commerce app but we are far more than that. We are a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their business," di Meana said.

Lazada has been actively targeting SMEs recently. Last month, it launched an #EveryoneCanSell programme in Malaysia, which aims to attract more than 50,000 merchants onto its platform by the end of 2018. The programme was launched in collaboration with SME Corporation Malaysia, Companies Commission of Malaysia, Malayan Banking and Telekom Malaysia.